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This week, we have been learning about coordinates.  After using chalk to plot axes, we plotted points and shapes using different objects.

Science Investigation – Making Ice Cream


Within science, we have been looking at states of matter and changes of state.  In our most recent investigation, we mixed milk and sugar, observing how the temperature was affected by ice and salt.  After 10 minutes of shaking the mixture, the temperature wasn’t the only thing that had changed: 4M had managed to make ice cream!

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Class Debate


Today, we worked in groups to construct arguments. Some of us thought that zoos were fantastic, whilst others thought that they were cruel. What is your opinion?


Sound Investigation – Pitch


Today we carried out an investigation on pitch using an elastic band, a bottle of water and a ruler. We investigated how tension affects pitch when making sound. 

Here are some questions we would like to find out…


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Our Fantastic trip to the theatre.


Today, we are going to watch Fantastic Mr Fox!

As you can see, we are all very excited.

Astroland Narratives. Coming Soon…


This week we are writing a story about Astroland, we are looking forward to sharing them with the world very soon!  


Charlotte’s Web – Wilbur’s Barn


This week, we have been looking at some of the descriptive writing in Charlotte’s Web.  We used the description of Wilbur’s new home to draw and label our own pictures of Mr Zuckerman’s barn.cw1



4M Advertising Agency


On behalf of the Big Writing Agency, we have been designing an advert for our new board game. Do you want to see the winning pitch and their advert for Chalice Chase?

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4M’s maths problems 


We have been writing our own maths problems and challenging each other to answer them. Can you solve Ubong’s question?


Instructions for our board games


We are creating our board games entitled ‘Chalice Chase’, we will be posting these very soon.